Terms and Conditions

A. Prices – Vendor shall not fill any order or deliver any service with pricing higher than stated on our PO, without obtaining TTM permission. All or part of any order/service may be cancelled or returned without pre-approval for a price change. If prices are missing on our PO, insert the price on our acknowledgement.

B. Delivery – Vendor shall strictly adhere to delivery and completion schedules agreed upon and specified on the PO. Vendor agrees that “time is of the essence” in the delivery of all goods and services. TTM reserves the right to reject incomplete deliveries and return excess quantities at the sole expense of the vendor.

C. Defective Material/Unacceptable Quality – TTM reserves the right to cancel and/or return any material not meeting the quality expectations as prescribed in the clients blueprints, at the sole expense of the vendor/supplier.

D. Liability for DamagesIn cases where the vendor has damaged the product(s) or provided a service that does not meet the quality requirements, the vendor/supplier must pay for reworking the components or to have the material machined again as new. Whenever vendor has property of TTM in their possession, the vendor shall be deemed an insurer thereof and shall be responsible for the safe return to TTM.

E. Performance – TTM reserves the right to monitor and grade the performance of the vendor/supplier. This information may be used for making decisions concerning the vendor/supplier. Performance criteria is outlined in the TTM supplier audit and includes, quality of work, pricing, timeliness of deliveries, and customer service.

F. Warranty – Supplier/vendor warrants to TTM and its customers that all goods and services furnished conform to the requirements of this PO. Further, that the goods will be of good quality, free from defects in materials and workmanship, free from any encumbrances, and conforming to all specifications, drawings, and samples. Supplier/vendor further warrants that all services were executed in a proper and skillful manner by properly qualified and experienced persons.

G. Confidential Information – Vendor/Supplier agrees to hold all intellectual property as well as material, as confidential, assuming all reasonable precautions to safeguard and protect all property identified on the PO. All blueprints, and material will be stored to prevent reproductions.

H. Packaging – All material must be transported and handled using proper packaging to minimize possible damage during handling and shipment. TTM will not pay for additional charges for special packaging unless agreed to prior to the PO being initiated. All packaging must be labeled with the quantity andPO number.

I. Quality Inspection – It is the responsibility of the vendor/supplier to quality inspect the material prior to deliver or pickup by TTM. All specifications, drawings, and plans are integral to the PO and the vendor/supplier is responsible for inspecting the material to ensure it meets TTM requirements. TTM may also perform its own quality inspection and may withhold payment for any or part of order if requirements are not met.

J. Shipping – Supplier/vendor must provide a packing slip with each shipment and include all material certifications as prescribed by the PO.

K. Cancellation for Supplier/Vendor Default – The supplier/vendor agrees to promptly notify TTM of any delay regarding the timing of delivery. Should the supplier fail to communicate a reasonable delay in delivery prior to the due date, or fails to meet target delivery dates on a regular basis, then TTM reserves the right to make decisions with regard to using that service in the future.

L. Change Notification – Supplier/vendor aggress to notify TTM of any changes in product or service that will be detrimental to the quality of the final product.