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Delta-13 was born from Tag Team Manufacturing, in March of 2007 with the initial idea of a product to keep your cue chalk from marking up home walls and shortly after with a billiard ball rack.

By having our Delta-13 inventors play pool, we were in search of designing billiard products to not only improve the level of play, but to protect our table fabric, cues, and walls. After extensive market research, we learned that precision and long-lasting billiard accessories were non-existent. We know the properties of aluminum very well and selected it for our billiard accessories because of its durability, precision integrity, and aesthetic qualities. Eighty-five percent of the material used to make the Delta-13 accessories is 6061 aluminum. We also know the quality of U.S.A. made and wanted to make sure we kept the production in house at Tag Team.

The name, Delta-13 came about because “DELTA” is the fourth letter of the Greek alphabet which resembles a triangle and “13” is for Aluminum’s atomic number on the Periodic Table of Elements.

Delta-13 - Product Line


The racks are made of 6061 extruded aluminum and machined on a $300,000 horizontal mill. Each rail and corner is cut from solid aluminum. Each piece is then inspected for sharp edges and quality machining prior to anodizing. The anodize process essentially embeds the color molecules into the aluminum molecules in an electricity charged bath. The anodize process prevents the aluminum from tarnishing over time. The corners are clear anodized which give them a silver-like finish. Post anodize, each piece is inspected for a quality finish.

Next, the rails move to a vertical mill for engraving on our Limited Edition Racks or to our Zing Laser for all other racks. The Delta-13 logo’s are laser engraved into the metal along with all the other custom names, dates, and logos to make each rail custom. The corners and rails are then assembled, using locking stainless steel screws and locking washers. Each Elite is then measured on a CMM (Coordinate Measuring Machine), ensuring that the flatness, angels, and rails meet rigid expectations. These measurements are documented and shipped with each Elite rack.

The racks are guaranteed to never warp, bend, or splinter when used for the intended purpose. Humidity, dryness and even the acid from your hands will not deteriorate the Delta-13 racks. The dimensions are so exact, it identifies under-sized balls, which will dramatically improve the break, potentially putting more balls into the pockets. This is one of the many reasons the professional players love the Delta-13. In addition, the rack has less friction on cloth and thus billiard halls change their expensive cloth less often. Finally, there are a number of anodized colors to select from and the company performs custom engraving to include names, dates, logos, etc.

Delta-13 has two different billiard ball racks. These include the Delta-13 Elite and Delta-13 Select. There are only a few differences between the racks. Our Elite rack is for the advanced player and offered in many colors, while our Select is geared toward the recreational player and comes in only black and silver. Secondly, the Elite is a six piece design and the Select is a sleek three piece. Lastly, all of our Elite racks are measured on our CMM, while only 10% of our Selects are tested.

The complete list of rack benefits include: Center Alignment Marks, Racks All Games, Limited Lifetime Warranty, Maximizes Frozen Balls, Consistent Tight Rack, Identifies Undersized Balls, Reduces Cloth Wear, Personalized Engraving, Ergonomic Grip, Color Options, and CMM reporting on the Elite.


The aerospace precision design creates a powerful break preferred by professionals. Delta-13 has sponsored over 50 professional tournaments and tours along with several amateur leagues. In 2011, there were 26 televised ESPN tournaments where the Delta-13 was the official rack and over 35 in 2012. Delta-13 was the official rack for the Billiards International ESPN through 2014 and some of these tournaments are still aired today. Delta-13 was the official rack of the Women’s Pro Billiard Tour since 2010 and that support continued through 2013. Delta-13 was also one of the biggest sponsors of the US 9-Ball Champions from 2008-2012. 


Check out our new Patriotic Rack!

We love AMERICA! What better way to show our love for our country then to make an American Flag Billiard Rack. This Delta-13 Patriotic Select ball rack is Precision Machined for a Better Break. The 16oz ball rack is made from three aluminum anodized rails and held together by stainless steel screws. This ball rack displays an anodized american flag with the option for engraving. This ball rack is used by trick shot artist Florian Kohler!