Quality Policy

Tag Team Manufacturing will consistently provide products and services that meet or exceed the requirements and expectations of our customers. We will actively pursue ever improving quality through programs that enable each employee to do their job right the first time and every time.


Tag Team Manufacturing has a Robust Quality Management System that is certified for ISO 9001:2015 through Platinum Registration. Our goal is to ensure that our customers receive the highest quality product on every delivery. We utilize electronic plant billboards to help communicate to staff key quality objectives such as scrap containment and on time delivery.

Here are a few advantages to working with our company, with a Quality Management Program in place: Ensures products and services provided meet Customer, Statutory and Regulatory requirements / Ensures the consistency of quality in the day-to-day operations / Ensures processes and procedures are observed, repeatable and controlled / Ensures customer satisfaction with continual improvement / Quality improves overall efficiency in operating cost, less scrap, or non- conforming product.




Each job along with every part is tracked from the quote through the payment of invoice on our E2 manufacturing system. This high-end software program allows us to track unlimited historical data including machine operator efficiencies, machine production, part quotes, revision changes, and more.

This also allows for easy search, reuse and adaptation to other product development efforts – resulting in faster time-to-market, higher quality and lower cost. We can enable specific clients to log in from their desktop to view job status 24/7. For those buyers that work after hours, this is a tremendous tool for keeping up with their outsourced needs.


Using our automated coordinate measuring machine, we can identify whether the component we have manufactured is within the acceptable tolerance range, by simply selecting the appropriate program. 

A print out of key measurements accompanies the delivery of our product, if required. We’re able to download print files, select the key locations to measure, and then we let the automated articulating probe do its job. Depending upon the number of points being measured, this device helps reduce labor costs as it can run “unmanned” allowing staff to perform other tasks simultaneously.



MasterCam 2018 3D

All ten CNC machines are connected to our “MasterCam” CAD/CAM programming system that allows for speed and accuracy in downloading programs. We have four on-site programmers who work well with engineers to ensure the final product meets all blueprint specifications.

We are proficient in .DXF and .STEP files, utilizing the technologies of MasterCam X9 with 3D capability. Due to the industries we service, we have become very comfortable with tight tolerance machining.

SmartScope Flash 200

SmartScope® Flash™ 200 – Is a full-featured automatic measurement system. Innovative design features of “elevating bridge” and an embedded computer means the system takes up little space on a benchtop while providing an ample 8″x8″x6″ measuring range and extensive measurement capabilities.

The computer controlled LED array backlight tracks X-axis motion of the optics with no moving parts. SmartScope Flash 200 is multisensor capable and comes standard with a high quality Zoom 12 AccuCentric® zoom lens that autocalibrates with every magnification change. SmartScope Flash 200 is a great video measuring machine with its full-fledged multisensor measurement system.



Customer Service

Service in the manufacturing industry has become as important as service in a retail business. Training staff to have a sense of urgency and to deal with the occasional “hick ups” is one of the many secrets to Tag Team’s long history of success.

Strong customer service does not happen on its own in any business. Management at Tag Team constantly communicates our service goals which range from courteously answering the telephones within three rings to following up with quotes and concerns in less than 24 hours. Quality service is second nature because of our desire to please and exceed client expectations.


Security of documents, material, digital files and finished goods is mandated in the manufacturing world. A business cannot assume and must be very proactive to protect not just intellectual property, but all tangible items that could negatively impact an OEM’s profitability. 

Tag Team takes security to a level most of our competitors only read about. All hard copy drawings and product files are kept in fireproof file cabinets. Security cameras record 24/7 every external door and parking area that surrounds our building. Real-time backups constantly update both on-site and off-site storage to ensure client information can always be retrieved during power outages, etc.



Document Control

Document Control has become just as important as the quality products we produce. Managing the sub-contractors process along with raw material suppliers has given us a great deal of hands on experience.

Identifying the correct documents and ensuring that each document contains accurate information, is critical for the success of our OEM’s. Perfection is the expectation and it doesn’t happen without ongoing training.

Our clients expect perfection! It’s a formidable expectation. At Tag Team, our philosophy of continuous improvement provides our clients with assurance that we will not stop looking for ways to achieve this goal. If there is a better way to train, a better way to test the process, or a better piece of equipment to use, we’ll seek that change.