The Smart, Collaborative, Robot

Sawyer the “smart” Robot, can perform tasks just like people do. It communicates directly with the cnc machine and he can be be trained for other jobs in the facility. At Tag Team Manufacturing, we’ve learned to utilize hydraulic vices, automatic tool setters, thru spindle air, conveyors, and production 24/7.

Tag Team Manufacturing’s mission has been and continues to be, making strategic investments in equipment, software, tooling, processes and most importantly people.

Our continuous improvements support the journey to produce the level of quality that our clients expect. Automation at Tag Team Manufacturing was adopted from a need to support the growth of their client’s as we moved from prototype to full scale production. Utilizing the Sawyer Robot, we are able to develop a 3rd and 4th shift. This created new developmental challenges for our team….presenting unique opportunities for personal growth.


Sawyer represents a revolution in automated robotics manufacturing. It is a light and safe automation tool which greatly multiplies the scope of Tag Team’s fabricating capabilities. Sawyer can be programmed and reprogrammed by just about anyone on the manufacturing floor in just a few hours. Technicians will be able gear the robot to do one task one day, retool and accomplish a completely different process the next. After learning a new manufacturing task, Sawyer can easily switch between one task and another. It can even stagger the steps of two or more tasks to accomplish a number of different processes at once enabling Tag Team to multiply its production capacity several times over.


Sawyer Expands Tag Team’s Capabilities in the following areas:

  • Testing and inspection
  • Packaging
  • Line loading
  • Box assembling and erection
  • CNC tending
  • PCB handling
  • Metal fabrication
  • Molding

Workplace Augmentation

Because Sawyer only takes up about four square feet of factory space it is easily able to replace the value of the equipment that it displaces. The robot takes up about the same amount of space as a drill press, which only performs one task and requires 100% human attention. Sawyer can do the work of several different machines simultaneously with practically zero human input.

Sawyer’s integrated visual interface enable workers to anticipate its movements, and to communicate in real time- hence Sawyer is collaborative. This in essence transforms the robot into something like a set of robotic hands that are always at work for the floor team. Best of all, Sawyer can even be set to operate alone and accomplish thousands of manufacturing steps completely independently.



Sawyer Streamlines the Manufacturing Process

Sawyer utilizes onboard cameras and pressure sensors to alert it to changes in its environment. If Sawyer detects an obstruction, it stops moving. This is a safety feature that brings Sawyer to a level of advanced adaptability that its predecessors cannot match. But it also means if something in its immediate environment has changed, such as a fallen component, the robot will not press through the displaced object causing additional material damage. It will cease working and signal for help. This means fewer mistakes in the manufacturing process, and less wasted material.

By taking dangerous work out of the hands of humans and performing numerous tasks simultaneously, Sawyer dramatically reduces the risk of injury, time lost in task switching, and human common errors. For Tag Team’s clients, this means faster delivery, lower overhead, and far greater machining precision.

Tag Team Manufacturing has become a leader in the manufacturing industry by making the most of all the most advanced tools available. The team very excited to see the many ways their employees and clients will benefit from the onboarding Sawyer. The incorporation of Sawyer into Tag Team’s processes has enabled the manufacturing firm to boost productivity, expand the range of their abilities, and greatly enhance the quality of the products they manufacture. Company heads expect that the introduction of this amazing new machine into their process is sure to pave the way for a new wave of innovation from their manufacturing team.

The possibilities are endless with Sawyer.
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